This Retro Arcade Cabinet Game Is On Sale At Walmart

“I was a little skeptical of the quality and reliability of the item given the price and the large shipping size. Boy was I wrong; this arrived perfectly intact. Assembly took about 2 hours. Awesome cabinet, brought me back to my youth.” — Rodney

“So excited to own one. Very well built. Amazing arcade it takes me back to my childhood memories.” — Renso P.

I have waited a very long time to get one the Arcade1UP cabinets. This Yoga Flame edition really highlighted what I liked about the design and function of the smaller cabinet. I will have many years of playtime teach my son the right loves on Street Fighter!! Thank you team for building a phenomenal product.” — Carl S.

My 8-year-old adores this arcade game. He loves feeling like he’s traveled back in time and also the feel of being in a real arcade. It took a bit to assemble but looks beautiful once complete and works very well. Thoughtfully engineered product.” — Kelly

“I have been slowly buimding my home arcade collection since my family gave me my first machine for Christmas 2019. This one was a great price, wi-fi connected for online play, a steal at $299. This machine does not disappoint. Walmart got it to me quickly with fast free shipping” — David

5 stars by far…my favorite of my 10 arcade 1ups…great screen, great cabinet art, great gameplay, great controls, and a beautiful marquis. Also, the game selection is AWESOME! Beyond the street fighter lineup, there are so many great titles on this cabinet.” — Robert N

“I wanted this one because it goes online. I don’t have people over enough to warrant one that doesn’t go online. Hyper fighting is my favorite sf2 iteration so being able to connect and get matches on there whenever is pretty sick” — Renso P.

Great variety and selection of games. Beautiful artwork. More ergonomic. Stool would be nice but not needed. I like that both sides have same art so I don’t feel bad not displaying one side. I like the coin door design. Price is fair given the 14 games. I love it when there’s a lot of games and good variety. Screen is great, glad it’s not the one used in the MK anniversary A1U cab.” — Derek M

“I got this on sale and it’s so much fun, 14 classic capcom games with a decent variety, the machine is solid and looks great with beautiful artwork and the light up marquee, the main draw for me though was the online play available on every game, but especially street fighter 2, being able to play this classic online on a proper arcade cabinet with responsive joysticks and buttons is a game changer, if you find it anywhere at a reasonable price do not hesitate to pick this up….hadoooouuuuken” — Darren S

This is my 6th and favorite cab. Very awesome value with the 14 games. Really appreciate the variety, especially the inclusion of a couple of shmups. Ergonomics are the best in my opinion, very comfortable to play for longer periods of time. Build quality is good too. My gripes with the machine are minor. Don’t know if this is a common issue, but only the left speaker works, so I am only getting half of the sound. Ashame, as these games have great sound. Second, this particular problem seems to only exist in the Street Fighter games, if you press start on the second player side it will start both first player and second, as opposed to beginning the game on the second player side. The other issue is with Slammasters, for whatever reason, when you are playing against the ai, the game will reset and take you to the main ui for the cab. So basically soft reboots. There’s been two updates to my knowledge, but neither has solved these issues. But solid overall.” — Jackie P

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