This Heated Eye Massager Is A Game Changer For Bedtime

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Every so often you come across a product that changes your life. For me, the Renpho eye massager is that product.

I found this Bluetooth-enabled heating and massaging wonder after shelling out a gobsmacking amount of money for a heated eye massage at the doctor’s to help with my dry eyes. That treatment — which used heat and massage to stimulate the eye’s oil glands to better produce moisturizing tears — helped, but I was on the hunt for an affordable item that could similarly soothe my eyes without making my heart sink whenever I thought of the cost.

Little did I know, this ridiculously relaxing gadget would do so much more than just help my dry eyes. It’s been worth its weight in gold for helping soothe my stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, restlessness and insomnia, too.

One Amazon reviewer wrote that the Renpho eye massager clears their mind “like a meditation,” and this is the case for me, too. I’m a lifetime over-thinker and am prone to worrying. The Renpho mimics the effect I get from running, when my mind finally goes blank and all my thoughts fall away. Its heat function alone accomplishes that, warming up to a blissful 104 degrees that’s hot enough to soothe and melt away worries, but not too hot to be uncomfortable. Add in the eye, brow bone and temple massage, which is designed to target 10 acupuncture points around the eyes, and suddenly life’s stressors feel that much more manageable.

I’m also a tosser and a turner at night, often finding it difficult to settle in and relax enough to fall asleep (see above: I’m a worrier). But the Renpho is so deeply, ridiculously relaxing that the result is near trance-like, providing me an almost out-of-body relaxation. Because of this effect, I often fall dead asleep before the 15-minute massage ends.

In addition, the Renpho is the only item that has actually halted my migraines in their tracks, no doubt because of how effectively it eases my muscles. I now reach for it before even trying any over-the-counter medicine. And even when my headaches do persist, the heat and massage feel amazing, providing soothing relief in a way that no other pain reliever has matched for me. (Your migraines may vary, but you can definitely check with your doctor to see if it may help.)

Finally, it’s also been a wonder for my strained, dry eyes, especially after a long day of staring at a computer for work, and unwinding in front of a screen afterward.

I no longer would even dream of organizing my bedroom without this thing perched on my nightstand in a place of honor, in easy reach whenever I’m resting, napping or tucked in for the night. I’m convinced it’s worth every single penny I paid for it. And, like this reviewer, everyone in my life who once chuckled when I put the massager on now wants one, too.

Check out what Amazon reviewers have to say:

“This is my 3rd eye massager. This one is by far the best one. I use it everyday. It has gotten rid of my dry eyes. My eyes constantly burned, felt like something was in them, had broken blood vessels and my vision was blurry. I took the eye massager with me to my eye appointment and the dr was so impressed with my renpho eye massager that she ordered her one! The heat is just the right temperature. I personally like the strong pressure setting. With the othere I had bought, I never truly relaxed and was glad to take them off. This one is soooo soothing that I have fallen asleep several times while using it. That is very unlike me because it takes me hours to fall asleep. So far it has gotten completely rid of 2 migraines before they got too bad. That is amazing to me. My migraines always last 3 days and nothing has ever stopped them. I would definitely by them again and I will be buying them for gifts. I have everyone that comes over to try them on. Even those that were skeptical and thought I was a little crazy when I suggested they should try them out, loved them too.” — Amazon Customer

“So on the first night I used it was awesome. It massaged and heated my eyes oh so good. I suffer from dry eyes and let me tell you, this worked wonders. I fell asleep like a baby. The music is soothing and I haven’t slept like that in a very long time. I use it every night for the massage, music and heat. It’s programmable to your music and it has different settings. Buy it, you won’t regret it” — Claudette Bryan

“I purchased this during Prime Day. This was the eye mask I didn’t know I needed lol. It fits very snuggly over your eyes, which that’s what you want so that you can feel the rotation of the massagers. The music plays very softly. And even though it has Bluetooth which is a plus, I never use it. The calm music that plays works fine for ME. You can even turn the music off if you want. You can turn heat on or off or apply more pressure along your temples. Just continue to press on the shaker button. The mask pad is removable so that you can clean it. The only CON-(if this even a con) the sound on the massagers are pretty loud BUT I will say that once you are relaxed, you don’t hear them anymore because you are SLEEP!!! This thing will put you to sleep sleep! I mean, snoring sleep! Just lay there and let it do what it’s supposed to do and that’s for you to relax. I honestly use it a lot. It sits on my night stand. When my husband see me put this on, he knows to leave me alone…hahahaha. I fall asleep with it on and then wake up at night and remove it lol. I don’t have the one with the remote but I don’t need a remote. It really is worth the money.” — tiffany

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