This Emergency Weather Radio Is 25% Off

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According to a statement released earlier this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration anticipates the 2024 hurricane season to be one of the “worst in decades.” Even if you’re not living in Florida, keeping an emergency radio nearby is never a bad idea. These tools can tune into NOAA radio stations, which give periodic updates about local weather patterns, plus they’re rechargeable via USB (and sometimes solar energy) and often feature a bright floodlight in case of a power outage.

We found one on sale today at 25% off its typical price (thank to an additional $5 off coupon) that one reviewer says is an “essential emergency item for home or car.” It’s loaded with tons of features to get you emergency-ready, including a floodlight, hand crank, charger and more, and it’s only $27.31, down from its average price of about $36.

This weather radio does pretty much anything you need in case of emergency. It’s USB- and solar-rechargeable, plus it has a mini USB and USB-A port (both with waterproof covers) to charge your devices like a power station. Its bright floodlight can illuminate a wide beam light, which is excellent for home power outages, camping or being stranded in your car at night, and it has three flashing modes. It’s able to tune into one of the seven NOAA stations as well as FM and AM radio. And just in case it’s dead or the power is out, and you can’t charge it back up, it has a manual hand crank to charge it.

It’s also fairly compact, despite being powerful. “I was very surprised to find how BRIGHT this thing is,” says reviewer Kelly Dosch. “With every light on, it can illuminate my bedroom like a [60-watt] bulb! It doesn’t look like they exaggerated about the long battery life either. Even the speaker has shockingly good sound quality, considering it’s about the size of a quarter!”

“I bought this radio about [two] years ago and hadn’t used [or] charged it for about [six] months,” says sat179 about its battery life. “Recently we lost power in our home for 24 hours and this was a lifesaver. The radio was great for getting information and entertaining. So thankful I had this on hand for an emergency. It definitely made a 24 hour blackout more manageable.”

If you’re in an area prone to tornadoes or power outages or you’re looking for an essential preparedness item, this radio is one smart buy. Get one now or read on for some additional reviews.

Read on for more promising reviews of the RunningSnail emergency hand crank radio:

This radio is 100% worth it. It is small and compact in an emergency, easy to carry with you. The light on it is almost blinding if you look into it with several settings for lower light. It winds up and charges great. The radio station come in clear as day and the antenna is sturdy. Absolutely great in an emergency or even at events.” — Abigail Kelso

I bought this radio about 2 years ago and hadn’t used/ charged it for about 6 months. Recently we lost power in our home for 24 hours and this was a lifesaver. The radio was great for getting information and entertaining. The powerful lights were awesome as we only had candles as another light source. So thankful I had this on hand for an emergency. It definitely made a 24 hour blackout more manageable.” — sat179

My father in law was looking for a light so he could read his books during the power outage. This was perfect for him. He flipped up the bar and read for hours. He read while sitting in a chair and later in bed. We also placed the other one we had on our fireplace mantle and used the bar feature to illuminate our family room area. It was very easy to recharge using the USB cable that came with it.” — xxzlof

Item is a great value for the money. Easy instructions for initial set-up. The radio has a USB port for electronic charging, and can be hand-cranked to charge if household power is lost. Multifunctional. Here in Florida we are entering the peak of hurricane season 2023 and a radio like this is essential to have as part of your preparedness kit. I highly recommend this item.” — Terri L. Faust

“Sorry, I had a power surge LOL. This is a great non electric product. You will only have to wind it up the first time to start the internal battery to charge. This is stated in the instructions so, listen people, need to read the instructions first. I ordered two of these, one for home and one for car. I also ordered 2 sets of Multi Charging Cable, Multi Charger Cable 2Pack 4FT Nylon Braided Universal 4 in 1 Multiple USB Cable Fast Charging Cord Adapter with Type-C, Micro USB Port Connectors for Cell Phones Tablets. I know the name is rather long, but they work great for various products that use any type size of USB drives. You may want to get a set also. I have a note on my calendar to wind them up after 30 days whether you use them or not. Keep it charge and they will serve you well. Have a good one.” — Poppatoy

I gave this to my son for his birthday tonite. He really likes it! He’s on the road a great deal of the time and I thought he’d find all of its functions useful. It’s a weather radio/regular radio that can be manually charged. In addition, there’s a USB port so you can manually charge a cell phone or use the built-in solar panel to charge the radio or your phone. Not to mention there’s a very bright flashlight and an SOS alarm/light too.” — mrjrblessed

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