This Christmas, There’s Just One Thing This Kitten Needs

A certain beloved singer-songwriter better watch out—there’s a new “Queen of Christmas” in town, and all she wants for Christmas is you.

Santa, won’t you bring Mariah the one she really needs?

Like her namesake, Mariah Catney didn’t start life with GRAMMY nominations and multimillion-dollar contracts. This playful tabby was just one of many cats and kittens left to fend for themselves outdoors in southeastern Virginia. A well-intentioned woman found Mariah living outside and brought her to PETA’s mobile clinic to be spayed. She had planned to return her to the mean streets but agreed to let us give Mariah a shot at the loving indoor home she deserves instead.

Once she was in PETA’s care, this girl’s unique personality shimmered like glitter. When one staffer met her, she knew immediately that she had to bring the chart-topping chirper home to foster.

Brown tabby kitten Mariah in Christmas gift bag

This girl loves to chirp so much, you’d think her favorite pastime was careyoke.

Mariah’s foster guardian is preparing to watch this butterfly spread her wings and fly. She reports that the four-legged crooner loves to cuddle as much as she loves to chirp and that her meow is touchingly sweet. After a good play session, she loves hunkering down in a cat cave or hideaway (a bit more goth-girl than her namesake), and if you show her even a little affection, she’ll playfully prove her headbutting prowess.

Cats forced to live outdoors are typically denied enrichment, affection, and respect and can have a tough time socializing, but Mariah is quite taken with her foster guardian’s own feline companion, proving that she would be happy to chirp a duet with the right cat sibling.

Rescued kitten Mariah with friend Dennis

“The Adventures of Mimi” (and Dennis)

Sure, sometimes love takes time—but Mariah is eager to hear that she’ll always be your baby.

Mariah is 10 weeks old and will be spayed prior to adoption. And she doesn’t want a lot for Christmas—just you, baby. Are you ready to get underneath the mistletoe with this chirrup queen? E-mail [email protected] to learn more.

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