This Affordable Air Purifier Is Quiet, Sleek And Effective

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So many things had held me back from investing in an air purifier: the cost, my skepticism that it’d be effective (especially to justify the cost) and the near-ubiquitous clunkiness of air filtering devices.

However, after discovering this surprisingly affordable and aesthetic BlueAir purifier, I became a convert. I’m convinced it’s a cut above the rest.

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, the BlueAir 411a Max purifier expertly blends function with aesthetics. Its sleek design seamlessly blends into the rest of my decor, a feature I appreciate — as a new addition to my home, I knew I’d be seeing a lot of it, and I’d rather not incorporate an eyesore.

The BlueAir 411 Max delivers quick air quality assessments through its five-color LED light indicator.

I keep mine in a 15-by-15-foot room, and I find that it works beautifully. I no longer sneeze and itch from dust, pollen and who knows what, and my close friends with cat allergies are able to comfortably relax in my cat hair-filled room as long as the air purifier is on. Recently, when I replaced the purifier’s filter after a year of use, the old filter had turned black (from its original white color) from all the dust and pollutants it had filtered out. Honestly, I was a bit mesmerized. That was before I adopted a pet, so I can only imagine the hard work it’s doing now to minimize dander.

It’s also blissfully quiet — a must for me, since background buzzing and beeping can quickly irritate me. Amazon reviewers described it as “quiet as a mouse” and “virtually silent;” I agree. On its highest setting, you can hear the purifier’s fan, but I consider this setting more of a deep cleaning treatment to be done while out of the house; on its daily and nighttime settings, its filtering is barely perceptible.

And as many reviewers noted, the BlueAir 411a is remarkable because it just works — as soon as it’s on, you can feel the difference in the air, leaving air crisper and fresher. Its dual filtration system is likely to thank for this: It combines HEPA filtration with an activated carbon filter to catch everything from pollen, dander, dust, bacteria and viruses to odors from pets, cooking and smoking. Its fabric pre-filter, responsible for the purifier’s chic appearance, serves a purpose too by working as the first line of defense against larger airborne particles. (The fabric pre-filter is also machine washable.)

The main kicker for me? Not only is this thing super affordable given how costly similarly-effective air purifiers can run (“for the price you cannot go wrong with blueair,” one reviewer aptly put it), but its replacement filters only cost $30, making the model a cost-effective option for the long run. I researched this extensively before making purchasing the Blue Air 411, since I didn’t want to spend additional money on expensive filters after investing in the purifier itself.

The BlueAir 411 Max air purifier features dual filtration technology.

I can no longer imagine life without my hardworking BlueAir purifier, nor do I want to. Grab one for yourself from Amazon, Target or Best Buy, or check out what Amazon reviewers have to say:

“Opened box and started using air purifier. Love it as it’s quiet and easy for senior couple to use.” — Sonny

“I bought this for my daughter room as soon as it was turned on you can feel the difference in the air. She loves it.” — Jesse

“Got this purifier for the winter months, and I wish we would have gotten this sooner. It actually works. The entire footprint of this purifier is basically a filter. It’s the largest filter I’ve seen in an air purifier this size. It clears the cooking smells out of the kitchen. I love the way it looks and the Scandi design. The air feels and smells fresher in the house since using this everyday” — Alex Teacher

“I’ve had this for about a week, and so far it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It DOES improve the quality and smell of the air. It’s quiet except at the highest setting. It is lightweight enough to lift easily. It looks neat and tidy. And the price is very reasonable, rare these days for anything. This is my third air purifer and far and away the best.” — anonymousreader26

“I have two air purifiers for my home. One for my sons room who has severely bad allergies especially with two large dogs and mold/mildew allergens and asthma. One for my living room and dining area and I always receive compliments of how my home doesn’t have a ‘House’ or ‘Lived in’ smell and they immediately notice a difference in the air quality. Within 3 days of using the product I have had to utilize my inhaler less, the pet dandruff and dust has reduced significantly, and my son’s respiratory health was impacted in a positive way which is progress and a miracle. I’m very pleased with this product and cannot recommend them to family and friends enough.” — Jacob Thrasher

“I love this product! I have set it up in my bedroom and the air couldn’t be more clean and crisp! It is super quiet – I can hardly hear It working on auto mode. The fan speeds if used are high velocity, but I will probably never use it! Love it!” — Renee L.

“My wife and I ordered one of these for our new born nursery and ended up ordering three more for the rest of our house. For the price you cannot go wrong with blueair.” — Kelly matlow

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