This $24 Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel Actually Makes A Difference

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From bending to lifting to pushing, shoveling snow is nothing short of a whole-body workout. And while we don’t have the answer to making snow removal completely effortless, there is a solid solution for making it a whole lot easier. In fact, there’s a Shovelution.

With an ergonomic spring-loaded double handle, Snow Joe’s strain-reducing Shovelution shovel helps you clear walkways and stairs without all the hunching over (the brand says it can reduce up to 30% of back strain). The second handle acts as a fulcrum to let you “spring and fling” snow with ease and lift more without bending and toss it out of the way without over-extending. And right now, it’s on sale for even less than its Black Friday price.

This 20-inch-wide shovel is currently $29.99 with an additional $6-off coupon you can apply before checkout, making it less than $24. It’s a lightweight shovel that reviewers say is great for older folks, people with mobility or back issues or anyone who just really despises shoveling. It even has an impact-resistant blade for tough jobs.

“I was worried this would be a gimmick, but it isn’t,” one reviewer wrote, adding that because the shovel itself is lighter than other models, they didn’t think it would be durable, but the spring-assisted handle really made shoveling easy. In fact, multiple reviews call this shovel a game-changer.

Whether you have a lot of space to clear or just need to shovel a short walkway, this ingenious two-handle shovel is here to save you from straining and stressing your muscles this winter. The brand even offers a two-year warranty.

Read some of the thousands of reviews from Amazon, where the Shovelution has a 4.5-star rating from more than 25,000 users:

“As the person that shovels the driveway, I can say this is a great shovel. Always used a tradition one, but having the added handle makes so much difference in moving/throwing the snow. Have used it once with an 8-inch wet snowfall. First time I finished shoveling snow & didn’t have a backache!” — b.horn

“Wow, I should have bought this sooner! This is my 2nd winter living in a place where it snows. I was clueless last winter and bought a cheaper, more standard snow shovel. It took forever to clear snow and my back would be sore afterwards. That’s not the case with this snow shovel! As a short, disabled woman, I was able to use it to clear 8 inches of snow from this season’s first snowstorm quickly and easily with 0 back pain. Definitely recommend it.” — Annie H

“Love the additional handle to help in lifting heavy wet snow. We had a lot of snow this past winter and this shovel met our needs. Cut threw the ice adequately although some areas were pretty packed due to our laziness. But all in all this is the best shovel we’ve had in years.” — CJ

“Normally, I don’t give any product 5 stars, but this shovel is easily 5 stars! First, it is my lightest shovel. Second, it has a metal strip that not only makes the shovel stronger but makes it easier to scrape ice off the sidewalk. Then there is the flexible handle. I can push the snow, then easily scoop it up and flip it with NO back strain. I can do this standing straight up. I have a bad back and this shovel is very back friendly. An incredible and simple invention. I like it so much I was thinking of buying several of these and giving them to my neighbors as gifts. They are all using older shovels with no handles and they have to hunch over to move the snow.” — Amazon customer

“I was a little worried when i unpacked the shovel and seen the secondary handle was made from flat flexible metal but ended up being my favorite part about the shovel. It being able to flex makes the shovel even easier to use as it just adjusts to your movements while tossing snow or going to shovel some up. The light weight of the shovel has me a little worried about how long it will last but the plus side to that is it is light weight and good for when you need to shovel heavy snow. I’ve had this for over a year with no signs of any failures or issues.” — Nicholas Raimondo

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