The Roborock Q5 Robot Vacuum Is 40% Off Right Now

Whether you’re still picking up from the holidays or vowing to start 2024 by staying more on top of regular housecleaning, you’re in luck: There’s a feature-packed, tester-beloved robot vacuum on sale right now that will make your life a gazillion times easier.

In fact, the Roborock Q5 was just named Wirecutter’s top robot vacuum of 2024; testers noted its competitor-besting suction abilities, easy customization options, quiet performance and impressive laser-assisted organized navigation.

“The Q5 cleaned better than any other smart robot at its price,” Wirecutter’s testers reported. What more could you even want, besides a discount?

Right now, the Q5 is 40% off at both Amazon and Walmart, making it a truly great time to buy. And for an additional $140, you can grab the also-on-sale upgrade Q5+ model that comes with a self-emptying dock that can hold up to seven weeks’ worth of debris.

The Roborock Q5 has laser-assisted mapping so you can tell it what rooms — or even specific spots — to clean or avoid.

I have the predecessor model of this vacuum, and there’s truly nothing I don’t love about it: Roborock’s multi-level mapping is great, the app is so intuitive and easy to use, and there’s truly nothing better than sitting on the couch and telling your vacuum to go clean your bedroom (and that’s all you have to do). You can even circle a specific spot on the map to quickly clean up spills, watch your vacuum on the map as it goes to work, or tell it to avoid certain areas during a given cleaning.

The Q5 can last up to 180 minutes on a single charge, and like any robot vacuum worth its salt, will dock to recharge if necessary before resuming whatever job you’ve given it to do.

Check out some promising reviews from Amazon and Walmart, and grab one for yourself while you can save up to $300.

“I reviewed 30 Robotic Vacuum in three different product reviews. Roborock Q5 Robotic Vacuum was in the top. I purchased the Roborock Q5, which is their basic model, and I was not disappointed. This is a must have Robotic Vacuum for all baby boomers including myself at 70 years old. The robot maps off the area and cleans within the perimeters not missing a thing. It captures dog hair and dust like no one‘s business. I cannot tell you how wonderful it really is. A must have!” — Martha at Walmart

“After researching various similar vacuums I settled on the Q5. We dint have pets or excessive dirt so it gives us great bang for the buck. We’ve never had a robotic vacuum before and TOTALLY LOVE this thing. It creates an incredibly detailed map that easy to edit and break down into specific areas. The app is easy to use and it’s fun to watch it clean every inch that it can access. And it learns to be more efficient. You can create maps for multiple floors and just plop it onto a new floor and it’ll clean it all and go back to the starting point. You can watch it track around the map and see everywhere it cleaned. So impressed we bought a second one because our upstairs is split by a single step. So each Q5 will cover 2 different floors. You can run it remotely and have it kick in while you’re not even home. Set a schedule or vacuum on demand. Either full cleans or selected rooms. It’s so satisfying to watch a move while the little guy is doing his thing upstairs. Even under the beds and chairs where you never vacuum yourself. Oh, and it moves from hardwood to carpet nicely but to do have to remove loose cords and loose small mats otherwise it can get bound up. For $260 it’s a no-brainer. I just hope that we get good life out of it but we’ll have to see how that goes. This will definitely help your marriage and how can you put a price on that?!” — CMG at Amazon

The features this vacuum cleaner has for the price can’t be beat. We love it. App is super easy to use. Charges quickly. Large dust bin. Deep cleans and has several settings for that. Nice vacuum lines on the carpet and uses Lidar lasers for accurate cleaning. Couldn’t be more happy.” — Tomter at Walmart

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