New Ypsilon EV lands in 2024 to kickoff Lancia revival

Lancia has provided an early look at a redesigned Ypsilon minicar due for a debut next February.

The current Ypsilon has been on sale since 2011, and is the sole vehicle offered by Lancia, a historic Italian brand that has languished for years but is being given a new shot at life under the guidance of Stellantis. A previous failed attempt to rebadge Chryslers as Lancias is probably best ignored.

Lancia’s latest revival will see the lineup expand to three vehicles, starting with the new Ypsilon which will offer buyers the choice of electric or gas powertrains. It will be followed by a flagship model and a modern Delta in 2026 and 2028, respectively, both with electric power only.

Teaser shots for the Ypsilon show some of the exterior and interior, both of which designs previewed on Lancia’s Pu+Ra HPE concept shown in April. The teaser shot of the interior shows the name of Cassina, a high-end Italian furniture company whose products have served as inspiration for the cabin design of the new Lancias. There will also be Cassina-branded special editions, like the model shown in the teasers.

Teaser for new Lancia Ypsilon debuting in Feb. 2024

Lancia hasn’t provided any specific details on the Ypsilon. The car will likely be a hatch using Stellantis’ CMP platform. The platform is designed for subcompact cars and supports electric and gas powertrains.

Lancia’s flagship, which might be called an Aurelia, a name borrowed from a series of Lancias launched in the 1950s (and a Roman road), has been confirmed by Lancia as a “fastback” measuring 185 inches long and riding on Stellantis’ STLA Medium modular EV platform.

The Delta will likely he a compact hatch, like the original.

Don’t look for any of the new Lancias to reach the U.S., as the brand is fully focused on the European market.

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