Google Introduces More Repair Features To Help Users Diagnose Problems With Their Pixel Devices

New Delhi, December 15:: Google has introduced more repair features for Pixel devices that will give users peace of mind if their phone needs to be fixed. The tech giant released a tool to help users diagnose problems with their Pixel phones. Users can launch the app by dialling #*#7287#*#, which allows users to check whether their phone is working properly before or after a repair.

“You can now launch the Pixel Diagnostic App from your Pixel phone using the Phone App. This allows you to test your device for issues before and after a repair. You can easily check to see if your phone is properly functioning once it’s repaired,” Google said in a blogpost on Thursday. Spotify New Feature Update: Music Streaming Platform Testing Prompt-Based AI Playlist Feature.

The company also updated its Help page so you can find resources and instructions to repair your own Pixel. In addition, Google is releasing updated repair manuals that are “easier for technicians and DIYers to use”.

Users can download repair manuals in English and French from Google’s website, but they are currently only accessible for the Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro. Google said repair manuals for previous and future devices will be added “in the coming months”.

Moreover, the company said that a new ‘Repair Mode’ feature for Pixel devices can help protect your privacy and prevent access to all the data that’s on your device when it’s getting repaired — and it does this without the time-consuming process of backing up, wiping and restoring your data. WhatsApp New Feature Update: Meta-Owned Platform Rolls Out New Feature To Disable Emoji Replacement As They Type Text.

“Simply turn on this feature to help protect your personal data, hand your device to a repair technician, and then turn it off again when your device is returned to you. Pixel Repair Mode is an important step in protecting privacy and making sure devices are repaired quickly and efficiently,” Google explained.

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