ChatGPT May Replace Google Assistant on Android Smartphones, Making It Easier for People To Talk to AI Chabot: Report

Mumbai, January 5, 2024 is kicked off with many AI developments in the tech industry, such as announcements Samsung’s Galaxy AI, Gemini AI-powered ‘Advanced Bard’, Microsoft Edge: AI Browser, and many others. Amid the recent developments related to artificial intelligence, the ChatGPT will remain at the forefront. The upcoming smartphones and computers are also expected to be powered by artificial intelligence-related OS, chatbots, and tools to enhance productivity and creativity.

According to the report by the Android Authority, the ChatGPT may soon replace the Google Assistant on Android devices. The report mentioned the possibility of seeing OpenAI as the personal assistant that will help the users dictate queries or commands and get the desired results on their devices. Google DeepMind Robotics Team Introduces AI Systems ‘AutoRT, SARA-RT and RT-Trajectory’ To Develop Advanced Robots for Daily Use.

Google announced its Google Assistant in May 2016, and later, the tech giant integrated it into its ‘Allo’ communication in September 2016. It has been a part of Google’s Pixel smartphones ever since and also available in all the Android-powered smartphones. As per the report by Android Authority, OpenAI understands that to use ChatGPT, people have to access it manually; however, the Google Assistant can be easily accessed by saying “Hey, Google!” and using gestures. The report said that the ChatGPT feels a little “antiquated”. OpenAI is aware of this problem, says the report. 

The report mentioned that ChatGPT version 1.2023.352 was released last month with a new activity called ‘com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity”. The report said that the activity is disabled as of now. Still, it can be activated manually and will appear on the screen showing swirling animation just like the “in-app voice chat mode”. The report hints that users could talk to ChatGPT from any screen and invoke the assistant in the future. The Android Authority‘s report mentioned that before speaking to the chatbot, the activity closed and had unfinished animation. Google Testing New Feature ‘Tracking Protection’ To Block Data Tracking Cookies in Chrome for Select Users, To Be Available by Second Half of 2024.

The report mentioned that the tech giant Google will launch ‘Assistant with Bard’ in the coming days. It makes sense for OpenAI to allow the users to access the ChatGPT AI Chatbot. The report said that the code would require ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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