Apple Vision Pro 2 Release Date: Apple’s Second-Generation Vision Pro Headset May Launch With Advanced Micro-OLED Displays, Says Report

San Francisco, December 29: Apple’s second-generation Vision Pro headset will reportedly feature more advanced micro-OLED displays, offering higher brightness and improved efficiency, according to market research firm Omdia. The tech giant is planning to upgrade the Vision Pro to an RGB OLEDoS display in 2027, a notable improvement over the WOLED with the colour filter used in the first-generation model, reports MacRumors.

The news was first reported by The Elec. RGB OLEDoS technology produces light and colour directly from nearby RGB sub-pixels on a single layer, eliminating the need for a colour filter. This results in significantly higher brightness when compared to WOLED and colour filter OLEDoS displays. iPhone Vulnerability Detected: Researchers Discover Vulnerability in Apple’s SoC That Contributed Recent iPhone Attacks, Says Report.

It is also significantly more energy efficient than WOLED and colour filter technologies, the report noted. According to the report, Samsung is presently the only company capable of supplying RGB OLEDoS displays following its acquisition of eMagin earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the $3,499 Apple mixed reality (MR) headset, unveiled for the first time in June this year, is tipped to be available in the market in late January or early February. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the headset has a “late-January/early-February” release date. iPhone 15 Available at Discounted Rate on Amazon: Check Latest Price, Offers and Key Specifications Before New Year 2024.

“Shipments in 2024 are estimated to be approximately 500,000 units. Vision Pro is currently in mass production and will begin mass shipments in the first week of January 2024,” he predicted in a post on Medium. “Vision Pro will most likely hit the store shelves in late January or early February based on the current mass shipment schedule,” Kuo claimed.

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