7 Products To Make Cutting Your Dog’s Nails Way Easier

Many dogs struggle with the stressful noise that most popular electric nail grinders emit. This Casfuy grinder is a welcome alternative: Its quiet, under-50 decibel sound and reduced vibration helps keep nervous pets at ease, while its diamond bit delivers the quick, efficient trims that make electric grinders so popular.

This features two speeds and lets you customize the grinder’s surface area for small, medium and large dogs.

Note: The brand recommends that you turn on the nail grinder for your dog before you begin using it on their nails. This method of introduction will help them get used to the grinder’s sound and smell so using it will be easier on them (and you).

Promising review: “I have two Border Collies one is on the skittish side. I used to use the old school clippers and was always afraid I’d cut their quicks. I’ve done that a couple times and felt terrible. My dogs actually feared and stressed over that old tool especially the loud snap of the clipping. Because of that, I could always hear their claws tap dancing on my tile floor because I didn’t clip as often as I should have.

This tool is a game changer, and kind of makes the task fun. I got the dogs used to the very low hum of the tool, figuring their hearing is better than mine, so they were cool with it. By no means is this thing loud, it’s almost white noise, barely.

“But grinding their claws is so much easier than the guess work of clipping. There are two positions for grinding with the plastic guide attached. This allows you to give your dogs the professional looking trim by grinding down and shaping the claw, the diamond bit makes quick work of the task.

“I recommended this to my daughter who was a vet tech, and she loves it for her dogs.” — JoyRide

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