28 Things To Get For Your Backyard This Spring

A high-voltage bug zapper

Promising review: “It will kill any flying insects like mosquitoes, gnats, flies, horse flies, fruit flies, house flies, moths, bees, wasps, and pretty much anything else that’s flying around lol! I use this anywhere it’s dark. It has a blue-violet light that attracts flying insects, and the voltage electric grid zaps them on contact, you can hear them being zapped and you’re like yes! I got another one and I like it so I don’t have to put up with the smell and mess of those nasty sprays, that take your breath away and leave a big mess behind. I also don’t have to worry about all my little pets and kids smelling that spray because there looking at them fly into this elegant zapper. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, you can hang it everywhere you like. It doesn’t have to warm up and starts working when plugged in. I love it ZAP! The best part is it’s easy to clean, when the dead bugs fall onto the tray you just use the brush that’s provided. The bulb is replaceable, so if it starts being less effective at attracting flying buys, you can replace it and the bugs will continue ZAPPING. This is a good buy.” — Maija solaja

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