Mercedes 540K auction, Xiaomi SU7 debut: Car News Headlines

A Mercedes-Benz 540K is headed to auction next month and is expected to sell for seven figures. The 1938 model features the body of the highly desirable 540K Special Roadster but this was only added to the car last decade as the original Cabriolet B body fitted at the factory had come into a state of disrepair.

Xiaomi, the world’s second-biggest smartphone manufacturer, wants to become one of the world’s top automakers and just revealed its first vehicle. Called the SU7, the first vehicle is a sleek electric sedan reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan and boasting up to 664 hp.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV enters the 2024 model year with a standard heat pump and on some grades a bigger battery, but pricing remains unchanged despite the improvements. A high-performance AMG grade also joins the range, and you’ll find our review in the links below.

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